Thursday, February 23, 2006

Week 4 Reflections

Webhead Cheryl Oakes
While we were supposed to be trying out Wimba, Sitepal and Handybits, which didn't work that well on my Mac, plus those freaky talking heads at Sitepal make me crazy, someone ( Moira, I believe) introduced us to Springdoo! What a blast we had with listening to Valentine's and voting on the best Valentine messages from Cris and the Dreamteam. Then Paddy got going with his students.Springdoo has been a trasnformational HIT with Webheaders.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, I missed the live presentations, but due to the technology skills of our moderators I was able to listen to the presentations in my time. The presentations had to do with virtual classrooms and how we would use these options in our instruction. I have little people so I would manage these virtual instructions as a group to begin with. But, the voting and springdoo messages have a lot of potential for elementary students. I am keeping up with the readings and have been sending messages to Moira encouraging her as the Keeper of the Threads for Week 4.


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