Sunday, February 26, 2006

Webhead Cheryl Oakes

Webhead Cheryl Oakes
Week 6
It was vacation week here in Maine. Each day I awoke and tried some readings, recordings in a very serious venue Monk E Mail! then I tried to get some readings done. I had to fix up some URL's for the photos on the threads page, thanks to Teresa who fixed up the tags!!! All this with a house full of vacationing skiers and snowboarders. Well finally on graduation day Sunday 12 GMT, I still had a houseful, it was too windy to ski. I had to sneak away to a quiet bedroom to jump onto SKYPE and WORLDBRIDGES> It was worth it to see all our Bawers there chatting and speaking. I have printed out my certificate and one for my neglected husband and sons. What a great opportunity I have had in the past 6 weeks. It will be easy to keep the connections each sunday at
Beijinhos and hugs to all. I am a Webhead 2006!


At 10:02 PM, Blogger Nina Liakos said...

Great blog, Cheryl, fellow Webhead-in-Action!


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