Monday, February 27, 2006

Webhead Cheryl Oakes

Webhead Cheryl Oakes
Erika and Carla,
I made the brigadeiros, and as you will see they are not as beautiful without their jimmies. However, they are yummy. My sons will not complain.Thanks for the recipe.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Webhead Cheryl Oakes

Webhead Cheryl Oakes
Week 6
It was vacation week here in Maine. Each day I awoke and tried some readings, recordings in a very serious venue Monk E Mail! then I tried to get some readings done. I had to fix up some URL's for the photos on the threads page, thanks to Teresa who fixed up the tags!!! All this with a house full of vacationing skiers and snowboarders. Well finally on graduation day Sunday 12 GMT, I still had a houseful, it was too windy to ski. I had to sneak away to a quiet bedroom to jump onto SKYPE and WORLDBRIDGES> It was worth it to see all our Bawers there chatting and speaking. I have printed out my certificate and one for my neglected husband and sons. What a great opportunity I have had in the past 6 weeks. It will be easy to keep the connections each sunday at
Beijinhos and hugs to all. I am a Webhead 2006!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Week 5 Reflections

Webhead Cheryl Oakes
OMG, this has been the toughest week for me. I have been challenged to categorize, read and sometimes comment on the messages and create the thread for week 5. Springdoo and surveys were by far the most commented on.
There were many readings, I did get to them. I liked Tom March, his article is here, and was amazed to read that I have been using his many mentioned resources. Filimentality is my favorite.
When I read Dafne's article which predicted the evolution of the now famous WEBHEADS. For me the Webhead type activity is really new, but has been a successful option for ESL, EFL classes.
Most of my time was spent reading, cutting and pasting messages and deciding the categories they belonged in. Oh, did I mention capturing the photos of the participants during the threads. I still get Cris and Chrissan confused, sorry about that ladies. However, it was a great challenge, a great exercise and consumed my week. I am looking forward to the graduation, go Webheads 2006!

Week 4 Reflections

Webhead Cheryl Oakes
While we were supposed to be trying out Wimba, Sitepal and Handybits, which didn't work that well on my Mac, plus those freaky talking heads at Sitepal make me crazy, someone ( Moira, I believe) introduced us to Springdoo! What a blast we had with listening to Valentine's and voting on the best Valentine messages from Cris and the Dreamteam. Then Paddy got going with his students.Springdoo has been a trasnformational HIT with Webheaders.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, I missed the live presentations, but due to the technology skills of our moderators I was able to listen to the presentations in my time. The presentations had to do with virtual classrooms and how we would use these options in our instruction. I have little people so I would manage these virtual instructions as a group to begin with. But, the voting and springdoo messages have a lot of potential for elementary students. I am keeping up with the readings and have been sending messages to Moira encouraging her as the Keeper of the Threads for Week 4.

Week 3 reflections

Webhead Cheryl Oakes
This week I thought would be my favorite since I am somewhat familiar with blogs, podcasts but NOT wikis.
I'll start with wikis.Check out the BAWers wikis they developed.
I was very tentative at first when I read about the wikis. Then I downloaded the page with the shortcuts and directions. That was it, experimenting with the wiki language and trying out the different kinds of STYLES that could be used to make certain areas of the wiki stand out. I think my students would really like the STYLES and I plan on making a wiki that we can experiment with when I get back to school. I think it would be hard in a classroom lab since you can only work on one page at a time, but I will figure that out.
My wiki thought also includes use during committee work when there is a small group of people who can give input on a document/idea during a week prior to when we all get back together. Here is my wiki. Please feel free to post.
Then I listened to WorldBridges 2 different podcasts about Wikis. That was interesting, I especially liked the wiki science series being developed for young people.
I also made this blog as an example of a blog in Blogger. This is my 4th blogger account. My favorite new blog account is called Suprglu, it is wild. The reason I like Suprglu is that is houses all my web presences. I was accumulating quite a few so I needed a spot to consolidate all my addresses.
This has been a very busy week. I usually try and read and comment at each day as well as keep up with all my BAW readings , podcasts and conversations.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Week 2 Reflections

Webhead Cheryl Oakes
Oh what fun we had learning about, then Skype-internet phone, and finally WorldBridges my favorite learning environment. I still hadn't gotten the process correct, turn OFF the webcast, then SKYPE in, or else you blast everyones eardrums. But, the ever gracious Jeff and Dave always calmly say, oh, you need to turn off your webcast.
It was great to listen to people's voices. However, keeping involved with the chat while focusing on the conversation is a trick. Week 2 readings were great with contributions from Teresa and Dafne. I am still engaged with this process!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Week 1 reflections part 2

The first week is overwhelming since there are so many services to sign up for, the right amount of readings, and so many new people to try and put places and faces with. The energy is just great. But, since I have listened to WorldBridges for the past few months I am in awe of the Webheads and want to learn more. Stay tuned.

Week 1 reflections

This is a Frappr slide show of course participants!
Stay tuned.

Webhead Wannabe

This page is devoted to all the learnings that are happening with Webheads in Action class, Webpage, blogs and wikkis.